Saturday, January 31, 2009

Black Political Leaders, Marked Absent!

I was struck by the noticeable absence of black elected officials at the January 22nd March for Life in Washington DC. Not one leader from the black congressional caucus was present. This was especially curious to me in light of the fact that the rate of pre-natal murder among black babies is higher than any other group in America. Statistics recorded on numbers of abortions in the black community are now commonly reported on in major media throughout the nation. We have all heard and read of staggering numbers of womb lynching by Plan Parenthood along side of other abortionists and these numbers are appalling and frightening to all decent minded men and women in our community. Over 1,450 black babies are murdered in their mother’s womb daily, and three out of every four black pregnancies end in a womb lynching. These facts are frightening and indicate that black women and their babies are the target of the 1.8 billion dollar abortion industry in America.

These statistics demonstrate that there is a holocaust of epic proportions happening in our community. Why haven’t our black elected officials responded to this malady? Black Americans elect politicians/legislators to protect their interest. Our interest includes a wide range of social, political, educational, and health related needs. However, our children should be first on the list of those who need most our protection and certainly the protection of our political leaders.

The practice of pre-natal murder is without question having a deleterious impact on the very existence of our community. It has been reported by population demographers that 2 to 2.5 children per house whole are required in order for a family to replace itself. The number of children being born in black households across America is less than 1child per family. The black community is not replacing itself and no doubt pre-natal murder is a major contributing factor. The silence of the Black Congressional Caucus is unthinkable when the community they serve is at the door of extinction.

Pre-natal murder is the 900-pound gorilla in the community. Its impact is far more devastating than aids, heart disease, diabetes, and drug abuse which by the way is contributing to the extinction of our people here in America. Needless to say the combination of these pathologies will wipe us off the face of America's map if we don’t do something about them now starting with pre-natal murder.

So, the absence of black elected officials at an this extraordinary event which was designed to bring national attention to a practice that is murdering countless numbers of babies annually, is more than just a curiosity it’s a down right rotten dirty shame! The community is starting to take notice of those who tacitly watch the destruction of our babies and our women. You who deliberately withhold power and influence to stop the insanity of pre-natal murder will be held accountable come Election Day!

Pastor Stephen E. Broden
Senior Pastor
Fair Park Bible Fellowship
Dallas, Texas

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  1. The Black People have been God’s chosen People in America since they have stepped foot on American soil. The Black People have been put through one tribulation after another and came a long way because they were so close to God. If you ever wanted to find God, all you had to do was go to a Black Church, He was there. The Black Politicians’ were the first to turn their backs on God and now are attempting to lead the Black Community down the road to Hell with them. The Black Politicians’ traded God for a new Messiah who promised them Change, please wake up and take notice that this Man is only a Man and don’t make him your False Prophet. As a white man, I have enough commonsense to know that when God’s chosen People sell out, this Country is in trouble.